Card Holders

Card Holders

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Small and simple, these card holders are perfect for putting in your pocket or placing in a small clutch without adding bulk.

This card holder will hold about six credit/debit/gift cards. It will be tight at first, but the leather will stretch over time and soften with use.  The black card holder and the cactus card holder are made with stiffer leather and start out tighter than the others, but will soften the more each is used.  


  • 4" X 2.75"

This product is made to order and will ship within 10 days of purchase via USPS.

Hair-on patterns have a natural-colored leather back. (Because each cowhide differs, not every white/brown hair-on pattern will be as pictured.)

Please be aware that I use only full-grain cow leather hides. That means small scars or scratches, grain patterns, marks, and color variations may be visible and will vary with each item. I do not consider these inconsistencies to be defects, but rather something that adds character and uniqueness to your piece. 

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